Mini Writing Prompt Challenge: If I Came With a Warning Label…

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I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging my readers to a Mini Writing Prompt Challenge The Rules: Write a 25 to 100 word piece of poetry, prose or flash fiction answering the question “If I came with a warning label . . . ?” Add the hashtag #bravewarninglabelchallenge Publish the piece on your blog before […]

via Mini Writing Prompt Challenge: If I Came with a Warning Label. . . #bravewarninglabelchallenge — Brave and Reckless

My submission is not about my partner! My partner is actually there for me during times of intense stress, and I am incredibly lucky to have him in my life. This is just what immediately came to my mind when I saw the prompt. I figured I’d go with it:

Warning: Highly Irrational

I’m not in my right mind. Crazy. You know what those words do to me. What did you expect?

I’m irrational. I worry too much about horrible things unlikely to happen. I tune out; reconstruct details incorrectly. A single word colors my whole perception of a conversation.

I did warn you…

Warned you we share a few too many dirty cognitions of the human mind. Warned you I take your words to heart, but not to brain. Isn’t it a bit biased to suppose you can wield irrationality against me?

After all, I know that you’re irrational, too.

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