*Press It* Zero Visibility a.k.a. Brain Fog

I read this post less than four hours after I wrote a post that included the line, “I bet fibro can make you faint, too.” Well, per this symptom list, it absolutely can. I procrastinated like the ADHDer I am in reblogging this, but I felt the timing was too coincidental not to share.

Crafts, Chronic Illness, and Adulting

One of the most amazing things about the human body is its ability to adapt and overcome, especially with chronic illness. In time your brain leads you to believe that most of your symptoms become your new ‘baseline’ (as I call it), because let’s face it, it’s not really your new ‘normal’. Cognitive impairment or ‘brain fog’ as it’s more commonly known, likely has you pulling out your list of symptoms at every new doctors appointment ensuring you don’t forget your new baseline symptoms. As you nervously go through the list the doctor is likely looking at you as if you’ve seriously got to be joking.  I found this ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia handy dandy symptom list and took the printed version to my last appointment (crossing out the 14 out of 144 items that didn’t apply to me). The doctor looked it over in front of me and then looking at me straight faced said, “You can’t…

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