Affordable Mental Health Resources

Free or low-cost: Because there shouldn’t be discrimination in mental health services for those of lower income, but unfortunately…

Also, I guess we’re taking another loop around the cruel and economically incompetent healthcare repeal roller coaster. Call your Congresspeople (Congresslimes, as the case may be for some?) and tell them to be human beings. The Golden Rule is not a suggestion, argggh!!!!**

**Actual expression of disgust and dismay; not an attempt to sneak in an under-the-radar Talk Like a Pirate Day post.

Color Me Bipolar

I was going to post just the free ones, but it got quite exhaustive. So, check out this article of 81 Awesome Mental Health Resources When You Can’t Afford Therapy

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5 thoughts on “Affordable Mental Health Resources

  1. This is great – thank you for re-blogging it.
    In the UK our National Health Service is badly under-resourced for mental health issues. The waiting list for talking therapies, unless you can pay, is several months. Not much use in a crisis.

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  2. This is great! I don’t really know where I’d be right now without CBT. It 0% helps with the actual physical illness of CFS and 100% helps with surviving with a chronic illness. I hate that so many don’t have that option. I feel like there should be a number where people can call as a group at certain times, like a conference call, and get help that way or at least camaraderie. Thank you for putting this out there!🌸

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  3. I was a fan of it for…about a day. Then I realized how cliquish the group chat was and how vague and unhelpful the personal chat was. I didn’t have a specifically harmful experience, but I didn’t have an experience that warranted returning, either. Not surprised to hear I’m not alone. It’s not policed enough, I think. It turns into a mental health middle school classroom. Some decent people, a definite in group, and an overworked “teacher” – facilitator trying to keep control of the main area. Meanwhile some amazing school counselors are helping people plan for Ivy League admission – and others are suggesting a career as a lumberjack after a “placement” test!

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    1. Wow lol. Sounds chaotic. The person I talked to didn’t know what gaslighting was and didn’t even bother to do a basic google search. He completely minimized my experiences and said what HE would do in that situation–as in, he would react more “appropriately” than I would. My experiences with the Samaritans when I was in the UK were SO much better. Possibly life-saving. I know some have said that about 7 Cups, but, I agree, it’s far less regulated.

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