Where’s “Wool”-sie #8: New Yearling, New Ewe

I must confess: I got mutton to say this week. I’m on vacation.

I won’t even attempt to pull the wool over your eyes that this is one of my photos – though it certainly could be given the backdrop I’m looking at. I’m on vacation. I can’t help but want to ram this point home here: I don’t care to do anything that might take actual work on vacation. Not even the work it takes to upload a real pic from my phone, deidentify it and post it. Not when uploading a stock(yard) photo from Creative Commons is so much easier.

I hope ewe are able to shear some responsibilities from your schedule and take some time off today, too. Especially if you had a late night of holiday week obligations – or are resting up to stay up to midnight in a couple days!

Rest assured, however, my flock that I will be back to spinning my yarns next week.

(And, okay, have a Where’s Woolsie completed overseas anyway! Just one, though, because I didn’t bring any of the ones I had completed previously to keep it company.)


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4 thoughts on “Where’s “Wool”-sie #8: New Yearling, New Ewe

  1. Ironically despite an adventure in driving after dark that was totally unplanned and specifically chosen hotels with great glass windows…none from the ground so far. Too cloudy. But, we were able to see them from outside the airplane window on the way. That probably counts, right? They don’t seem to “dance” in the same way I’ve heard described from above them. Still a pretty green ribbon.


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