*Press it* Some days you burn it with fire and some days…

…it burns you with fire instead!

If it isn’t one spoonie nearly burning down her office, it’s the heat from a heating pad causing a rare heat-related burn rash for another spoonie. Life is complicated enough with electric appliances + brain fog. Now there’s another concern (Erythema Ab Igne) about the use of heating pads to be aware of, sigh!

I’ll admit I am re-blogging this without independently verifying the medical information. However, Fibonacci – in addition to being a great writer and painter – is a scientist with journal access like I am. I trust her to do her homework!

via Hidden Dangers of Chronic Heating Pad Use!


6 thoughts on “*Press it* Some days you burn it with fire and some days…

    1. I think just be cautious. Like a computer, use it regularly but also take breaks and check for signs it’s too much. Being thoughtful when you are fine should mean you don’t get to the point where it becomes an issue.

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  1. Welp… I’m having issues with being too warm/hot most of the time. I’m going to start thinking of it as a perk, now. When I had cold extremities, I used to set a timer and did a few pushups to keep my blood flowing while doing sedentary work. I struggle with upper-body strength, so it was two birds, one stone. I’m sure jumping jacks or something would have similar benefits.

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  2. This happened to me!!! I thought I was the only person. I had the exact same pattern on the skin of my lower back where I used a heated wheat pack every night to ease my lower back pain. It looked extremely ugly when I wore my bikini (which I did regularly at the time because I lived just one street from one of Australia’s most gorgeous beaches). The dermatologist advised me of the risk of cancer and said I should discontinue use of the heat pack immediately. He also told me that the damage was deep on the skin and it was now permanent. Obviously I was upset because it was pretty ugly. However a couple of years later, with no heat pack use) and it was completely gone. Skin back to normal. I now use an electric heat pad, but try to move it around a bit. Ah the joys of being a 🥄 ie!

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  3. Thanks for resharing this! I missed this post when it first went up, for some reason, and just saw it this morning. Not ten minutes later I was reading posts in a group I am a member of and someone was asking about this exact thing, because she had those marks on her back! So I forwarded the original link on the thread.

    Someone else chimed in and apparently you can cause this with a hot laptop across your thighs constantly, too…

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