3 thoughts on “bad_ptsd

  1. I guess everyone has their opinions on the stigma of mental illness but I was diagnosed with PTSD based on the DSM (whatever number they are on now) and I have every one of the symptoms. That would be like saying, in my opinion, that central core disease (the muscle disease I have) is not TRULY a muscle disease because in my case they have not found the genetic link even though my biopsy says that is what it is. Either way I am F’ed up physically and mentally by things totally out of my control. And reversible? Well we shall see because if that were true I want ALL my thousands of dollars back from all of these therapists and psychiatrists because I am far from cured or reversed. I would say I have some better coping skills but how do you take away a memory that triggers a response? How can we reprogram the brain. If so I’d stop these damn seizures.
    Oh god I’ve completely lost it on your blog!!!! Talk about a rant!!!


    1. Heh. Rant away. Now you’ve got me mentally tallying how much I’ve spent on treating PTSD – and that’s before the cost of flying back to Hell to face the damn abusers – and I’m realizing there’s probably a whole second blog post any of us could write on the financial toll of trauma. All that money, and I *still* manage to dissociate anytime anything reminds me of those memories at *the worst* possible times…ugh…


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