And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Secrets…

CW: keeping secrets about child abuse, the aftermath of systemic abuse in the present day, family secrets, intergenerational trauma, swearing, and standard “never go to the 9th Circle of Hell” trauma.

I’ve run away from this topic for a good three posts now, but I guess it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled shit show. It’s time to give an update on life in the 9th Circle of Hell. One might assume I’ve been running away from the topic because it involves more of the same present-day Hell, but I’ve honestly gotten pretty damn used to calling out abusive group homes on this blog. I’d feel no compunction against describing the latest in the series if needed.

The complication here isn’t about what’s happening in the present. It’s the fact that the moment the present vaguely stabilizes, there’s always, always ways the past can still betray me in the 9th Circle of Hell. It is the land of betrayal, after all. Writing about the past abuse that happened to me – or anything that relates to it – is always so much harder than writing about the systemic abuse I substantiated in this very year 2018. A “family” legacy of secrets and lies is so very hard to shake…

We did find a place. My Partner went to Hell alone the week of our first nor’easter and helped move my sibling into it. My sibling currently resides in what shall henceforth be termed the One-Horse Townhouse. I am out of leave, and the place is in an area so rural I wasn’t confident even hotel wifi would work well enough to work remotely. We tried Skyping while my Partner was there; it didn’t work on the weak wifi. So, I guess I made the right call to stay on the East Coast rather than risk my job.

“I guess” because sending my Partner to a one-horse town with just one other “family” member and only social lubricant for them to kill time – remember even the wifi sucked – led to a few “family” revelations that upended my world, though my Sibling seems to be doing okay. How do I even begin to explain this anonymously?

Well, let’s start with the vaguely good. The One-Horse Townhouse doesn’t immediately seem like it sucks. Stigmatizing shit was heaped onto Sibling’s last “Person-Centered Support Plan” because the abusive Too Little, Too Late Inn literally forged our signature and filed a PCSP anyway (which the state, of course, accepted without question) after its attempts to force us to sign its lies legally broke down. We refused to sign anything. So, the abusers “signed” for us. That forged document scared me even by Hell’s standards. (The fact they forged our signature, at least, did help in the eventual undoing of the Too Little, Too Late Inn, but it doesn’t negate the fact that document keeps scuttling around like a cockroach even though we’ve attempted to eradicate it.)

It’s always nice when an agency says bluntly “well, we were braced for the worst after reading the PCSP, but Sibling so far seems easier than many of our clients” and suggests we formally amend what should never have existed in the first place. I won’t say I’m optimistic. I’ve learned from the Middling Child that even after years of thinking things are basically ok, one complex medical crisis and an agency can/will abandon ship. I will say I’m slightly less jaded enough to think that since Sibling currently seems to be recovering/not displaying any trauma tells – and the agency seems to find him relatively easy to work with – that maybe the crisis won’t come until after Christmas. Perhaps I will have two months of “peace” before the next crisis to attempt our “international” trip and salvage something from this die-in-a-fire year. In the 9th Circle of Hell, that’s practically a Christmas miracle.

However, because of that “peace” – and nothing-to-do-in-a-one-horse-town – that other “family” member who went with my Partner got a little loose-lipped in “relief.” Thus, the 9th Circle of Hell got in a final “fuck you” anyway and blasted off what remained of the lock on Lavender’s mental trauma box.

This “family” member has staunchly defended my Sibling during the Crisis of 2018. Hell, they have staunchly defended my Sibling, period. They live in the 9th Circle of Hell, and they are an ally in keeping watch over places and ferreting out abuse.

I’d probably never talk to them if not for that fact. They are also someone I attempted to talk to about my own abuse history growing up, and I was rebuffed by them to the point of gaslighting and emotional abuse. They use me ever disclosing to them as a weapon to bludgeon me with psychically to this day. This is the “family” member that my Partner forces me to amend my blog posts to describe as “the enemy of my enemy is an abusive asshole I wouldn’t want you around if we had any other choice” instead of just as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” as I intended. This “family” member takes the idea of “defend the family against all external threats” so seriously that my talking about my own abuse history even within the family breaks our tradition of secrets and lies to the point where I’m viewed as an external threat.

This person openly views me as a traitor for being a guardian of my sibling but leaving the 9th Circle of Hell. I’ve tried to explain I only did so with the understanding that they themselves would be there to be co-guardian and that I really do believe Sibling would be safer outside Hell. Leaving is still unforgivable, no matter what our “family” or Hell is like. They are of the opinion that our family’s lot in life is to suffer and that my fate is to suffer the most of all as the closest blood relative of our “family’s” most vulnerable member. We’re genetically and traumatically scarred as a “family.”

This “family member” was already an adult when I was still a child, but they have an ACE score high enough to suffer C-PTSD themselves. They have suffered under what passes for “mental health care” themselves. I know – with every fiber of my being – that no matter how much I sometimes fear I will repeat my past, I would never do what that “family” member chose to do. I fought to break out of family secrets and lies, and I did. I have this blog, if nothing else, which reveals a lot even if it is anonymous. I also would fight Hell for any vulnerable child – including one like me – not just for my Sibling. If I can break the cycle, does the fact that that “family” member was abused themselves provide an excuse? You can decide for yourselves.

I knew that family member resented that I had left the 9th Circle of Hell. They make no secret of bludgeoning me with my selfishness whenever I am forced to talk to them. I knew that they denied that anything had ever happened to me in childhood. I knew that they had only ever belittled and humiliated me for daring to “pretend” anything had ever happened to me in the face of the “real” trauma that had happened to my Sibling. I knew that they called me an “attention-seeker” and a “fake” who is just “jealous” of her Sibling when I disclosed my own pain. I know that talking to them about anything other than how to help my Sibling will only ever break my heart.

I have always believed they acted that way because they simply couldn’t believe that my own ACE score was that high. I chose to believe – because I had no self-esteem – that if they could ever truly be convinced of my own past, they’d come to understand why I’d probably be dead at my own hand if I’d stayed in Hell. I chose to believe they couldn’t know my past because how could they have left me to it and then blamed me for escaping it if they did?

Apparently, they just cared so little about me that in Sophie’s Choice whether to protect me – and risk surrendering Sibling to the system – they chose to actively stay silent to protect one sibling over another. They knew, and they chose to deny it to me as well as to everyone else. They chose to gaslight me rather than offer one damn word of validation or comfort.

Until social lubricant, the stir-craziness of a one-horse town, the cumulative trauma of the Too Little, Too Late Inn and the Bedbug Motel, and the emotional distance that they were only talking to my Partner, not to me, loosened their lips. I guess they truly don’t remember what they told my Partner? Or they assume that – given the severity of the abuse my Sibling suffered so very recently and that only his trauma matters – my Partner would fall into the family tradition of keeping secrets and lies about what happens within the family to protect Sibling from what happens outside of it?

Who knows, but somehow this “family” member flat out told my Partner what they have actively warped my reality my entire life to hide: that they knew exactly how high my ACE score was in childhood. They knew, and they chose to do nothing to protect me so that they could continue to protect my Sibling from the system until I was of legal age to assume guardianship. They left me in my own personal Hell to ensure I was never system-involved myself and could take over as guardian as soon as possible. They didn’t seem to care what effect that might have had on me in the meantime. I wasn’t a person. I was a vessel to be shaped to sacrifice for another’s safety. What did my life matter? Another was so vulnerable, and someone had to sacrifice. I was the closest blood; that was it. Whatever happened to me in the eighteen years prior to legal guardianship didn’t matter if I wasn’t really a person in my own right anyway, right?

I don’t doubt my Partner’s telling of it. I can’t, in fact. He is so set on getting me to accept that my family is dangerous to me – and on getting me to do the therapeutic work to face that fact as much as the recent trauma – that he surreptitiously recorded that “confession.” He wanted me to have it when that “family” member denies my history again. I’m deeply grateful that my Partner had the presence of mind to do that for me. I’ve said so many times, even on this blog, that the denial of abuse is worse to me than the abuse itself. His recording provides me with a tangible talisman that the things in my past that dissociation has rendered hazy for self-protection are real. They are known to others. They couldn’t have been “faked,” as that “family” member has claimed, for attention because I am self-centered. My reality is real.

I love my Partner dearly for giving me the gift of the sanctity of my own memories. I can’t feel anything other than grateful that he recorded that “family” member’s admission that I really was abused as a child, but I also can’t quite muster the rage I know I should feel towards that “family” member for staying silent about it.

I can’t quite let go of self-recrimination for leaving the 9th Circle of Hell and “saving myself” at my Sibling’s expense. I can’t quite let that recording silence the bully-in-my-brain. Because, well, I can’t quite believe that what that “family” member said was wrong. I can’t quite believe I deserve my own life. When faced with the equally undeniable reality that systemic abuse does exist, I still question whether maybe I am only meant to be a martyr for my Sibling. Maybe having built a life on the East Coast does mean that I have chosen myself at his expense. I can’t quite believe that I am not the selfish traitor that “family” member believes I am.

I made the same choice as that “family” member when I was a child. I made the choice to stay silent about my own abuse to protect my Sibling, as I’d also seen enough of “the system” to believe that systemic involvement – especially institutionalization – was a fate worse than death. I probably wasn’t wrong. Except, I was a child when I made that choice. I look at the systemic abuse in the present and honestly can’t say I’d make a different choice if I had it all to do over again. But, I was a child when I made that choice. And, a child – even one more savvy about power dynamics than any child should ever have to be – is still just a child.

Knowing an adult consciously made that same choice between protecting me and protecting my Sibling is hard to think about, and even harder to ignore. I made a choice for myself, I thought. I chose not to speak up about my own abuse, and that, to me, always mattered. It is one thing to make my own choice to stay silent about what happened to me. It is quite another thing to now know someone else made that choice for me as well. I can only imagine that if I had spoken up, that same “family” member would have denied my testimony and defanged it. I can only assume they would have actively – in addition to passively – destroyed me to protect the sibling they felt deserved their protection more. That certainly reframes the “choice” I once thought I made, realizing now that it wouldn’t have mattered either way.

How can any adult knowingly sit by and allow one child to end up with an ACE score that nearly tops the chart? How can they then blame that same child for running away as soon as possible? How can they allow one child to end up with an ACE score that high because they chose to protect a different child instead? How can you choose between children, no matter how “vulnerable” they are relative to each other? Aren’t all children always vulnerable?

Who the fuck was that so-called “family” member to determine that my lot in life was only to suffer at the hand of the 9th Circle of Hell forever to save another?

Who was that “family” member? Well, one, they were someone who had a high ACE score themselves. Two, they were someone who also believed it was their duty to keep silent about what happened to them. That “family” member was someone who accepted the “family sacrifice” role themselves, and they were someone who was further traumatized at the hands of the mental health system to the point where they also feared it more than the abuse. In short, they were an abused-child-turned-abuser.

They are someone I could easily have become. They are someone I don’t know how I escaped becoming, sometimes. They were, like me, the victim of intergenerational trauma in childhood and then further traumatized by our broken “social services” system as an adult. Their story explains everything, but does it excuse anything?

Fuck intergenerational trauma. I hate that it is so very hard to hate that “family” member with the same passion that my Partner does on my behalf. I hate that I feel like maybe in a parallel universe I could have become them. I hate that it’s harder to hate them knowing that their childhood shared many of the worst features of mine. I hate that I fought to break that “family” cycle, but I can’t view the fact that I did break it as reason enough to feel rage at someone who stayed silent while I developed a “cycle” to have to break! I should hate that “family” member who admitted they knew and didn’t protect me. Maybe I don’t hate them because I know their story. Maybe I don’t hate them because I have a lot of trauma work still to do to process those memories.

And, maybe I don’t hate them because hating them would be dangerous in the face of the current systemic abuse. I hate the thought that that reason might be why I don’t hate them most of all. I hate that my brain still calculates, “Well, what’s the point of hating them and making a thing of it? Either I’ll find a placement for my Sibling on the East Coast before the next crisis in the 9th Circle of Hell, or I won’t. Until that time, I still could use every ally to ensure nothing terrible is happening at the One-Horse Townhouse.”

I hate that I might still be unable to process the true betrayal of that “family” member as fully as I should because I’m still thinking strategically about how I need this person to help keep tabs on the current systemic Hell and protect my Sibling more than I deserve the validation of confronting them about their complacency in my own history. I know without any doubt that this “family” member can be trusted with my Sibling. And, for that reason, I fear I might be primarily continuing to make the choice to never confront them about how – though I still trust them with my Sibling – I now know for sure that I should never have trusted them with myself.

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23 thoughts on “And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Secrets…

  1. Oh.. I just read every word, and oh… the emotions I feel right now on your behalf are just.. I can’t find the words.

    But a recording! Your partner made a recording of your “family” member confessing that they knew you were abused! Stunning. I can imagine how that must feel, too. All kinds of emotions.

    “…the denial of abuse is worse to me than the abuse itself.” Yes.

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    1. I…probably should have more to say/feel but I’m back in “detached from thinking about it” mode. So, it just feels surreal. Thanks for thinking of me. Presumably I’ll get past this weird detachment phase and be able to use this knowledge to help heal eventually…

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  2. To echo Linda, I get the “weird detached” thing from the stuff that stresses me out and I’ve not been through any of what you have. Everyone deals and processes things in their own way, at their own pace, and you’re incredibly self-reflective to see the different perspectives as well as you do. I do hope one day you can let go of the self-recrimination for leaving the 9th Circle of Hell, that’s the least you owe yourself. xxxx

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  3. Wow. This is incredible. I feel so much for you. And yes, I agree that the denial of the abuse IS worse than the actual abuse. I am glad your spouse got the recording for you.
    Loved this: “Their story explains everything, but does it excuse anything?”
    Such a wise question; and so so true.
    IMO: there is never an excuse for continuing a cycle of abuse. If your family member has ‘admitted to some things’ but is NOT CHANGING anything, is not being forthright and upfront and apologetic with you, to your face, (not just with your spouse when you are not present) — then I believe they remain dangerous. A truly changed person will come fully into the light and own it. At least that is what I tell myself in regard to my own abusive family members. It is tempting to make excuses for them, given that their upbringing was likely just as abusive as mine, so I feel your struggle there. It is so hard! Be gentle with yourself and stay safe, there is nothing wrong with avoiding things that may be dangerous. You deserve to heal fully!
    God bless you and prayers.

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  4. very very well done for talking about sexual abuse .i, was abused sexaully .no way should children be FORCED too do this .it is a life sentece for us .Ashamed/Disgusted .then people go and blame US .
    i have long list health issues..m.e .migraines .allergies list goes on /i do a bloghttp;//

    my story of abuse is in a Authors book


  5. I feel like I’m going to say something you aren’t going to like, so I apologize in advance. Also I’m pretty much an only child (have a half brother with zero relationship) who grew in knee/neck deep in trauma, like awful trauma. I also did a lot of babysitting from 10 to 18 for food money and clothes so I’ve spent a lot of time with multiple sibling homes. Here’s the thing. As you know sometimes, in life it’s clear that there’s no good answer so you have to choose the best one you can with the tools you have. Your family member, and I’m not making excuses, may have seen, with her tools available to her as she also grew up in trauma, that you were perfectly capable of taking care of your sibling and she knew if you two were separated, your sibling would not be okay. So she chose to let you watch out and keep your sibling as safe as possible. Because in this situation, perhaps there was just no good answer, and trauma stood behind every option. It was a matter of weighing which seemed the best at that time. And I will say that people tend to refuse to see other people’s pain and mistreatment if it doesn’t support there story in their head. In other words, if she admitted how bad off you were, then she would have to admit what she was doing was very wrong. Instead she led herself to believe you were okay-enough to stay and keep watch. Having said ALL that and not knowing anything about the situation, please forgive me if I’ve overstepped. And I will say that a whole town stood by and watched me, living on my own at age 12, and nobody stepped in…nobody. So, I can kinda/sorta relate to your emotion there, just kinda because nobody in my town was immediate family and the expectations are higher there. Thinking I should erase all this but I’m going to leave it, just so you hopefully know, I get it, a little, and I’m sorry you too had to endure what you did.


    1. So, you are probably right. Trauma begets trauma is what I say. But, what’s interesting is that my Partner’s response to my struggling with how to respond to your comment – especially knowing all the trauma you have endured as well – was that it’s like my life was a version of the old philosophy “trolley problem:” if an out-of-control trolley is going to run over five people if it stays on the track it is on, but you could flip a switch and have it only run over one person, would you? Most would say yes, but my Partner and I both for our own reasons worked out very early on that the vast majority of people never even consider any of the other options. You could throw *yourself* in front of the train you are on. You could hit the divide at such a high rate of speed you derail the train. People always tend to just accept the parameters as given without question, and that turns them into moral monsters either way. My Partner and I both answered we’d die in the derailment or throw ourselves on the track rather than make ourselves into murderers. His answer to the “trolley problem” of my life was that he’d buy a shotgun, find the abuser, rough them up, point out he is *only* not sending that person to jail because foster care would be a likely death sentence for both me and my sibling, and that if *either* sibling is ever hurt from that moment forward, the next time it will go worse for the abuser. As he put it, “If I already have the evidence they’ve abused a kid and threatened to kill that child if they ever spoke of the abuse, I’m pretty sure I can beat them up and they’d never call the cops because I know they fear any harm coming to themselves from being found out enough that they’d know I have the leverage. Plus, I know *you* (aka me, Lavender), and even as a kid you’d have been an ally in threatening that abuser to within an inch of their life if I’d let you. The moment that family member chose to warp your memories instead of work with you to improve the situation in any way possible, they became an abuser, period. There is no excuse.” What resonates for me, is, his threat probably would have worked. Because, well, I was physically threatened with death as a form of control by the abuser. I eventually decided that I didn’t think the abuser would dare go *that* far, as then they’d suffer actual consequences. I also decided I was willing to die if my gamble was wrong, but I basically at a very young age stared them down and said “Then kill me. At least I’ll know my death took you down with me.” We went through multiple permutations of the death threats, knife waving, driving cars down the wrong way of a busy street to kill us both (and the poor people in the other car, but, eh, what does an abuser care about anyone anyway?) and make it look like an accident, and the abuser never killed me. I eventually learned that they really wouldn’t go quite *that* far, because then *they’d* face consequences. So, if any *actual* adult had threatened them, hell, they might have stopped all their abuse, period, who knows? Instead, they just learned death threats no longer worked. They found instead that threats of institutionalizing me actually silenced me with – they believed – no possible harm coming to them. That threat worked where holding a knife to me and playing chicken with traffic never did. That was the threat I could never, as a child myself, counter. But, with even one other adult saying “I know what you are?” could that have happened? Well, we’ll never know. But, I think my Partner’s solution of “don’t throw either child in front of the trolley to save the other, find a way to throw the abuser through any means necessary, including your own threats of violence or involving the authorities” is probably the only even possibly moral solution. And, I feel like I worked that out with a knife at my throat…so even though I know objectively that was unusual of me as an abused child to be able to think of, I feel like choosing to gaslight me instead of giving me even the comfort in Hell of knowing that my experiences were *real* is an unforgivable crime. They didn’t *just* stay silent. They literally twisted my reality and made me doubt my memories to the point it contributed to my dissociative disorder. That, to me, is abuse in and of itself. Period. Twisting a fragile child’s sense of self and reality for any reason is never moral. And, well, I’d throw myself in front of the trolley rather than become an abuser because I know what it’s like to be the one who was sacrificed for others without consent. I can objectively understand that family member, and why they could only think within the confines of “choose one sibling or the other,” I can intellectualize it from the trauma literature and recognize the explanation. I can even use that family member in return to protect that Sibling now like they didn’t ever protect me. But, I can’t and won’t forgive. Period. They took a piece of my soul by twisting my memories, and that is heinous and unforgivable. I was feeling conflicted until your comment, but after sharing it with my Partner and seeing just how quickly he said he’d do that for me, for his young cousins if he ever finds out something is happening among his hyper-religious extended family, etc., well, I feel like that clarified for me that explanations really *aren’t* excuses. Others may disagree, but you can’t warp my soul, my sense of self and my continuity of memory through denying what is true and be forgiven. I’m not that charitable. Machiavellian enough to work with you anyway for a common good, but forgive? Never. I feel the same way about every damn member of that town that turned a blind eye to what happened to you. Maybe they had their own trauma, who knows, but the moment they pulled the lever to sacrifice you for whatever or whomever else was on that other “track,” they became monsters just the same.

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      1. Ok, so one last wrinkle in the “trolley problem,” that I only really just thought about when I wrote this response. That family member *knew* there was abuse happening. That town *knew* there was abuse happening. They turned a blind eye. I stand by that being morally reprehensible, but what about my Partner’s claim that he’d threaten his hyper-religious extended family members if he found out that there was abuse happening of their children? I have no doubt he means it. And, I’d join him in those threats. But, how would we ever *know* it was happening? You see, those hyper-religious assholes started making white supremacist horseshit comments after Trump normalized them, and that was the final straw for my Partner’s immediate family. He and his parents ceased even the polite once-a-year-on-Thanksgiving type family togetherness. His parents may be Republicans, and thus difficult to talk to and triggering at times, but they do have lines of decency. And, they broke the cycle of abuse within the extended family to give my Partner an ACE-free upbringing. But, there *was* a cycle to break. Thus, those hyper-religious white supremacist nationalist assholes? Well, they have adult children that told *metoo* stories that broke my Partner’s and my hearts last Thanksgiving. (I wrote a blog post about it). And, those adult children now have young children. Will *those* hyper-religious assholes who were traumatized themselves but refuse to acknowledge it spare the rod with their young children? There’s enough doubt in my Partner’s mind that he specifically noted he’d go to bat for any young cousin who didn’t buy into the bullshit and was traumatized for it. But…how would we know? How would we know when they were such awful people we chose to not be around the parents because we simply couldn’t take it? Knowing about abuse and not acting is horrible, but is removing ourselves from any contact with those hyper-religious assholes such that we aren’t even there to potentially *know* or *be* that safe person for any children of theirs who might need it excusable? Do we also have the moral responsibility to talk to those assholes just often enough that their children have a safe place to go if they ever need one? That question might end up my next blog post, because it isn’t any more hypothetical than my own “trolley problem” life. There are a lot of reasons to believe toxic people like that – especially ones who were victimized and don’t recognize it as wrong – will perpetuate the trauma when the kids get older, especially if they question any of the dogma. If all the “good” people run away for their own self-preservation, who is left? How much blame falls on the “good” people who shunned the “bad” people because they were “bad” – and thus weren’t there to speak out for the potential victims of that “badness” in the end either?

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      2. I whole heartedly agree with both you and your partner. I read an article recently, which was backed with science, indicating why people make certain decisions in fear. Although I can’t provide you with details as my brain is covered in fog, I do remember it said that the brain resorts to routine to protect itself in fearful situations. That it convinces you to do what you normally do and sometimes even stop doing anything at all, like freezing. It was explaining why some battered wives stay and more. But in the case of your family member who terribly distorted your abusive situation in her brain it would make sense. People who treat children like sacks of potatoes, in other words neglectful, hurt my heart, but abusers…there’s a special place in hell. When I originally went to school I wanted to work in family law, directly with juvenile delinquents (I feel like there could be a lot more done to help them redirect the ship) and I had to take a juvenile delinquency class. The case law was horrific. The things people do to children is horrific. I’m terribly sorry that you and your sibling had to experience any part of it. And I have to add that your partner is admirable on so many levels. Those kinds of people don’t come around too often. Hoping today is best as can be for you. It’s raining here…in San Diego! Lastly, but most importantly, thank you for sharing your experiences, it helps to know we aren’t alone even if it’s in stuff that’s awfulness.

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      3. Hugs. You really made me think, so I hope you don’t mind that I fleshed out our conversation into a full blog post in its own right? Your comments were thought-provoking in a very meaingful way, so thanks for reading and for inspiring some additional self-reflection even still.

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  6. I’m sorry any tether between you and them remains, but i get it, and your partner seems to be so hardcore in your corner, that i trust it’s the best decision that you could make given the circumstances (which may have changed, as this was some time ago).

    I’m estranged from all family on both sides, save 1, very dear cousin.
    It hurts sometimes, but i’m mostly just freed and relieved. I won’t pretend like everything is okay. I refuse to live with the lies and the claim that the shed blood of any god makes what happened forgotten and forgiven.
    Fuck that noise.


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    1. The tether is my sibling. I wouldn’t choose any interaction otherwise, but the 9th Circle of Hell is systemically abusive enough that having someone who still lives there who can check up in person was how we discovered serious abuse “in time” last year. Without the eyes on the ground *combined* with my ability to read medical journals and force treatment from an unwilling system and identify signs of medical coercion and abuse, there’s a good chance my Sibling wouldn’t have survived the Too Little Too Late Inn. We *have* to work together, even if it twists my stomach and mind into knots I can’t even begin to untangle to think about the fact that that same family member who will *always* go to bat for sibling flat out left me to my fate as a child exactly *because* they chose to protect my Sibling at my expense from the system that we’d have faced if anything was ever reported. I stayed silent as a child about my own childhood situation for the same reason: even back then I instinctively suspected the social services system of the 9th Circle of Hell would be no salvation. So, yeah, I wish I could go NC, but by that family member of origin’s direct admission, they *didn’t* act on what happened to me to keep the abusive system away from my sibling. I was the losing child in their original Sophie’s Choice, but now I will take any ally against Hell. At least they *do* care what happens to my sibling to be that all-important extra pair of eyes. Given the life or death horrors of that place just last year, I’ll take the tainted ally and shove my own feelings in a box over what they never did to protect me.

      I *barely* talk to them because protecting me from abuse wasn’t important to them, but I will talk to them about sibling because apparently my sibling was. It…still sucks. But, I guess at least I know for sure what I only previously just suspected. Yes, what happened to me personally was known. No, I wasn’t worth protecting myself as a child and it was considered ok to lie to me and try to convince me I was never abused because someone else was more worthy of protection. It…is better to know the truth conclusively I guess. But if not for my Sibling, I would never speak to that last remaining tether to my family of origin again, and I only *do* speak to the one. Welcome to the 9th Circle of Hell: speaking to someone there who *knew* you were abused and threw you to the wolves is still the lesser of two evils vs. their abusive system. Because at least the *reason* they *didn’t* protect me was instead to protect someone who still needs it today. And, they seem okay with living in the 9th Circle of Hell, while moving back to the place I fought my entire childhood to get a way out of would probably be the one thing I couldn’t ever mentally recover from. Being trapped permanently in that place of childhood and adult horrors would probably be the one thing I’m not resilient enough to recover from. So long as *someone* is willing voluntarily to live there and keep eyes on my sibling there until the damn East Coast finally gets over its own waiting lists and its own bureaucratic nightmare, I will ignore pretty much anything they did to me. Better someone else be the eyes on the ground so I never, at least, have to *live* in Hell again, even if I have to go back there often enough my brain still has a hard time believing I escaped it at all.

      (Ok, this comment turned out ranty, but, well, I’m *not* over knowing someone voluntarily would do that to me in the “processed it and healed” way. I have no idea how to do that. I just know how to offer the cold calculus of “talking to someone who left me to abuse is better than having to ever live in the state where it happened. At least their continued existence offers the option to be on waiting lists elsewhere and some chance of leaving while still keeping sibling safe. They chose to use me in childhood without my consent as the sacrifice to the system, so now they can be it in adulthood by living there voluntarily and thus me not having to. They do berate me forever about choosing to leave Hell, because, well, gaslighting my entire history and all that fun stuff, but, whatever, I know the truth. They are there and did far worse to me than I ever did by leaving. So, maybe I can at least make some peace with the guilt I’ve felt all my life for leaving knowing that I really *was* the chosen sacrifice there. There was nothing there for me and it would have destroyed me to stay in that forsaken state.)

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  7. I’ve been wallowing about in my own stuff, and only now got to this…

    First, thank you for taking the time, i relate more than you know.
    Second, please know that you have done an incredible job at figuring out a way to take care of yourself AND your sibling. The situation reads as an impossible one, and i can only imagine how it felt, yet you’ve found a way to navigate it and not lose your partner, your mind, your dreams, your humour, and your gentle heart.

    Finally, just… WOW. You are amazing. I hope you know that.

    (That is a hug from me, if welcome.)

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  8. Hugs. I definitely didn’t feel amazing in 2018. 2018 is going to take a *long* time to recover from. I definitely have those days where I’m inundated by PTSD symptoms *just* from last year, ignoring anything else. Don’t ever berate yourself for getting trapped in your own head. It happens to all of us. I give such insane credence to my Partner, too. Like, not sure how I’d have made it last year without him. It feels weird sometimes when people say I’m strong because I absolutely remember (or rather, don’t, because dissociation is crap) being a puddle on the floor at points last year and him patiently helping me back to reality. He has literally been my anchor through last year, up to and including getting me that proof on record of my own previous experiences.

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  9. Thank you for the don’t-berate-yourself comment. I’m getting there, I’m a deeply introspective, and yes, self-focused human, but i shudder to think what sort of human/mother/wife/friend i’d be were i not.

    I think we should both congratulate ourselves for choice in partners, as well.
    I don’t know where i’d be without him, and yes, he’s certainly stood watch, held space, held me, scooped up the jelly on the floor that is me and poured me back into my mold… Yes, all that stuff… But i knew quality when i saw it, i picked him, and our relationship isn’t one-sided. He’s far too intelligent and together for that nonsense.

    I’m glad you made it through last year.

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  10. It doesn’t, can’t, excuse it or make it okay. It does explain it. I’m so glad you have that recording…
    In no comparison at all, I understand why my parents lived in denial, why my mother invalidated her childrens existence. It doesn’t excuse it or make it okay. I understand it. I see her childhood. I see her pain. (Though of course I wonder if that I’m so understanding of it means I’m in denial).
    I’m really glad partner was there not you just for the recordings sake …

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