Where’s Whoopsie #20: Snow Wrist

Career lessons for the chronically ill:

  1. Write out your routine in your planner, including basic self-care essentials like physical therapy and tracking water intake and medications, alongside your work deadlines. It’s a nice little shot of dopamine to cross off basic self-care tasks in your planner, and it helps with managing energy levels at work.
  2. But, write all appointments in pencil because life is unpredictable. Sometimes you will, for instance, have to reshuffle an entire week’s predictable routine of physical therapy, actual therapy, meals and the like to attend a beneficial career training. It helps if you can erase to adapt.
  3. If and when you willingly disrupt your usual daily work routine to attend an onsite continuing education training that will likely make you more desirable to positive unpredictabilities such as career advancement in the future, suck it up and ask to take notes on a laptop. Planners can be written out by hand. Course notes cannot. DO NOT try to take notes by hand with a pen for two hours. It can – and will – destroy your wrists.
  4. If you ignore the advice in #3 above, at least do not further compound the problem by then attempting to write a full blog post within 48 hours of failing at the above.

I am guilty of #3 this week, and my wrists and hands are screaming at me for it. I will attempt to take my own advice and not also be guilty of #4. Full blog posts will resume as soon as my joints have forgiven me for thinking I could still take hand-written notes this far along in a progressive diagnosis. I couldn’t take notes by hand even back when I was still in undergrad. I don’t know why I forgot that fact during professional training this week?

In the meantime, have a picture of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It is, after all, the reason (alongside Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria and a bully-in-my-brain that still feels toxic shame over asking for accommodations like using a computer instead of just taking hand-written notes like everyone else. The Evil Queen has nothing on the bully in my own brain.) I should have just said I can’t handle hand-written note taking, even if the training did take place over a “working lunch” and most people were capable of balancing food in one hand and a notebook and pen in the other. I didn’t. Because toxic shame sucks…

See you all when I’m finished paying for that lack of self-advocacy. (The artwork, for anyone wondering, was created before the aforementioned overdoing it.)

EDS_WheresWhoopsie - Copy
<Image> The Evil Queen staring into her magic mirror. Magic mirror asks her whether she means the age a body looks or the age a body feels when she says “fairest,” as that distinction will affect its answer. In the second panel, a zebra’s ears are burning. The zebra wonders if it means someone is thinking about them or if it’s just a new symptom. <Image Text>: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: when your skin is as fair as Snow White, but the pain turns you into Grumpy Dwarf!

Need a recap of anything I’m talking about in any post? Check out the Glossary of Terms.


3 thoughts on “Where’s Whoopsie #20: Snow Wrist

  1. Breaking your own guidelines, tut tut. How are your hands and wrists now? That bully in your brain needs to take a hike, but it’s not easy asking for adjustments, so I get it. I always feel like I’ll be making a big deal of something, putting people out, making myself look like an exception, etc etc and feel silly or guilty for it. But that’s what flexibility is there for, especially when it comes to your situation because they need to make everyone as comfortable as possible and the work/training as accessible as possible. That’s part of their job. You already know all of this of course, and you know there’s no shame in it because I know you’d say the same if it were someone else in your shoes 😉
    Anyway, nagging over. Love the art! Rest up those hands & wrists xxxx
    PS. Hope I didn’t seem too forceful, just don’t want you struggling when you needn’t because they should be there to support you in whatever ways they can and moving to a laptop for notes seems so logical, most places would probably advocate that anyway with the way technology is replacing pen & paper these days. xx

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    1. I finally bought a TENS machine. I know they can be tricky with EDS, since an already lack of proprioception and default to hyperextended joints can get worse if we further disconnect with our natural pain signals because we’ve used a TENS machine. But, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I’ve been talking to my PT about moderate, safe ways of incorporating it to deal with “just no” pain in specific areas like the wrist/hands this week. The goal seems to be “Go ahead, but guess what area you’ll be focusing on in upcoming sessions.” Also, at least I did wear ring splints. So, one retroactive point to house non-evil Slytherin (aka me) for that one during the episode?

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