Subway Sociology #7/Improv #18: Dysautomomia

You know it’s hot when…

Your city subway sends you an emergency number to notify if you start to roast alive in their subway cars using the system they normally use to notify about line delays! 

Wait, were you expecting a punch line to that one?

Because that experience was real and is deadly serious.

Be safe.

All human activities cancelled until further notice. My phone has already started shutting down when I’m outside for just the few minutes it takes to head to the subway from the heat. This is before the projected heat index officially outlived a viable human life expectancy. With what technology do they think I will realistically be able to notify them if I actually overheat on the subway?!

Seriously, stay safe everyone, drink some form of liquid, and remember that climate change is real and that there is no Planet B.

Also, okay, now that I’m done being mom-ish, have a joke after all!

What do you call it when your Nannybot 3000 breaks down?


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5 thoughts on “Subway Sociology #7/Improv #18: Dysautomomia

  1. That is insane that your phone malfunctions because it is that HOT out! Woah, I hope you are able to stay inside for most of the time and to stay cool. I wanted to let you know that I am nominating you for the Mystery Blogger Award! I left the link in the comments. I think you are doing amazing things with your blog and I have enjoyed reading your posts for a while now. Sending lots of hugs!

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    1. Yay! If you want to give me a random restriction for how to answer (e.g. in haikus only, with all lines starting with F, etc.) feel free. Apparently this is what is amusing me lately, so if you don’t, I’ll probably make my Partner give me some rule to follow anyway!

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      1. Oh okay, that sounds like fun! How about each line has to start with U?


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