Subway Sociology #8: Railway Acts of Baked Goods Generation

Starting a new job costs physical spoons, even when it saves mental spoons. My new longer commute has left me pretty drained this week. I did plan to post yesterday, but an unexpected situation on said new commute took precedence.

Other people’s stories aren’t mine to share. So, all I will say is that, if you’ve ever had a panic attack or trauma response in public, you know what it’s like. And, you will likely recognize it when you see it and have your own recommendations for grounding to offer, and probably a few grounding items in your pocket to boot.

If you haven’t, though, I highly recommend reading one of the many available guides for how to help ground someone during one. I’m an irony magnet, but I don’t think it’s my own special superpower that led to me being in a specific place at a specific time. I think it’s that 1 in 4 subway riders will struggle at some point in their lives, so a significant portion (myself among them) will probably at some point be on a subway when they do.

How people respond can make a big difference. I still remember my cupcake of consolation as a rare moment of genuine kindness in 2018. You will probably have many lifetime opportunities to offer a railway act of baked goods generation or two if you know the signs.

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3 thoughts on “Subway Sociology #8: Railway Acts of Baked Goods Generation

  1. Hi Lavender and Levity – In response to your post/method of grounding when in an anxiety episode, it’s a good reminder. I’ve found on a number of occasions that if I focus on something outside of myself it really helps to stop the panic symptoms in their track. The breath exercise doesn’t always work for me. Sounds like you’re on top of things.

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