Where’s Whoopsie #23: Kindred Spirits

Regular blog post to follow in a few days (presumably…). For now, though, I wanted to re-post an awesome poem Souls by newer blogger Robin of Through the Tornado of Chaos.

I don’t have anything to add verbally to the sentiment, so have a Where’s Whoopsie that fits the theme!

Neurodiversity - Copy
<Image Description>: Neurodiverse stick figure girl with rainbow infinity sign body listens to neurotypical stick figure girls asking, “What’s wrong with you, you freak?” In her head she considers possible explanations: 1) “I can’t say what I want so you’ll understand” 2) “Can’t you see how imprecise what you said was? What do you mean?” 3) “I need to move to feel less anxious, but that’s ‘rude'” 4) “I can’t shut up” 5) “It’s my volumn, right?” 6) “Looking straight at you is so umcomfortable” 7) “I’m afraid of the consequences if I don’t mask because bad shit has happened before…” She replies instead: “Nothing, actually. Fuck off!!” Caption: Neurodiversity: There is nothing “wrong” with us that less neurotypical bad behavior(s) – and more squishies! – couldn’t “cure…”

5 thoughts on “Where’s Whoopsie #23: Kindred Spirits

  1. I so recognize myself in this comic. And ya know, it sucks for all of us to feel that way but it sure is nice to know it isn’t just my brain doing that stuff. Sucks less to know you’re not alone being ‘neurodiverse’.

    And yesss to more squishies.

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  2. Your next post doesn’t allow me to comment. I hope you had an awesome holiday, that was rejuvenating and peaceful, and that this new decade (!!) brings lotsa good your way.
    Love, light and glitter

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      1. When I post entirely on my phone than I often see that, and then when I come onto my laptop I have to change the settings so that they allow comments and pingbacks. I’ve never seen the option for allowing it on my phone, so I’m not sure what it’s all about… I know I’ve seen it with my image posts, I don’t know if it’s happened when only text.
        Love, light and glitter


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