Brevity is the Soul of Apathetically (aka “Let it Go…”)

I once wrote a post explaining a meditation technique that my Partner taught me that clocked in at almost 2,500 words. When my Partner learned this – and that I had roughly half of a follow-up post already written just from things I never ended up including in the original post – he suggested that I consider adding tl;dr summaries to my posts.

I asked him what he would have written to describe my candle meditation. My Partner’s version of my candle meditation post“Fire good. Self-care good.”

I’m finally taking his advice to write a post about how I probably do need tl;dr summaries for most of my posts. But, I’m not actually going to include a tl;dr summary on this post. Because this post isn’t a “real” post. At least, not by my usual standards. It is its own tl;dr. 

Sometimes when I jot down an idea at an inconvenient time to write, I can pick it up again later and flesh it out with no trouble. Sometimes, for very significant posts that are part of whatever is dominating my health/mental health anyway, the idea might even so lodge itself into my brain that I have to hyperfocus on it and just write out whatever I am subconsciously obsessing about before I can do anything else productive. For this reason, I include a locked (so no one else can focus on it!) journal among my seven things for self-care.

Sometimes, however, I can’t pick it up again. I also have a bunch of thought ideas that never fully made it into blog posts spanning almost three years now. I’ve so lost the spark that I doubt I will ever finish any of them (including the aforementioned follow-up to my candle meditation post.)  Yet, it seems weird to get rid of them.

I started two such posts tonight during the Super Bowl, which I apathetically watched without really understanding. (Tl;dr reasons for this: Having cultural touchstones with others good. Camaraderie good. Cookout cuisine good.)

The first “post” was about how American football is a complete visual overload, and there should be a rule that the two teams in the Super Bowl should never be allowed to wear the same dominant color. The whole thing is confusing enough when I can at least tell which team is which. When they both just appear to be blurry swatches of bright red? I give up…

The second post was about Maisie Williams singing “Let It Go” while driving an Audi. I rarely respond to behavioral nudging unless they are straightforward as “Here is a picture of delicious food. Eat the food.” My Partner explained that commercial for me as follows: “Let it go…let it go…global warming doesn’t really bother us anyway.” Yes, Maisie’s Audi is a fuel-efficient car amid gas guzzlers, but “Let’s be real. If we still think mass manufacturing single-person-use vehicles is going to fix global warming, we’re effed. Audi would just like us not to think too hard about that fact.”

There’s probably something worth saying about neurodiversity and visual overload or how many corporate and political entities would like us to “not think that hard” about a whole bunch of inconsistencies in what we’re “supposed” to be doing – and what happens when you just don’t get things that others all seem to automatically culturally understand as norms.

There’s probably even something worth snarking about the News at 11’s continual attempts to simultaneously terrify us about the Coronavirus while staying just on this side of “journalistic integrity.” (On the plus side, my Partner and I now have a legitimate excuse to “avoid close contact with other people [who show signs of illness]” because we were too lazy to find the remote after the Super Bowl. But, really, the news didn’t need to add that [who show signs of illness] qualifier. They had us at “avoid close contact!”)

There is probably something worth saying, but whatever interest I had in actually saying any of it was expended just in writing the initial blurbs.

If I ever – like this week – want to post something but don’t quite have any fully fleshed out ideas, those three years of ghostly ideas for posts might just be resurrected as semi-amusing filler since I don’t quite “get” the appeal of traditional list posts. I won’t finish any of these topics beyond whatever snippets are stored in journals or on Evernote, so they are fair game if any of my readers would like to take up the mantle. Whatever brilliant observational wit I might have once had them has long since been “let go” and consigned to the casualty list along with my now very ancient Brevity is the Soul of Levity challenge. (And yes, I know they are basically just a stripped-down variant of Messages in a Bottle. But, hey, one of those things I considered – but didn’t write down – about advertising from four hours of Super Bowl commercials is that we don’t call something a “stripped-down version of” if we want it to be successful. We “re-brand” and pretend it’s an entirely different thing!

Need a recap of anything I’m talking about in any post? Check out my Glossary of Terms


4 thoughts on “Brevity is the Soul of Apathetically (aka “Let it Go…”)

  1. I don’t get list posts too. I tried once and ended up typing regular paragraphs lol. I toss all my “thought ideas” into drafts on my blog. Sometimes I’ll flesh out some personal realisation on my other, private blog. Sometimes I type a little bit and it fizzles otu and stays drafted forever until I trash it.

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  2. Yeah. Just yeah 🙂
    When I start writing things, sometimes I can get back to it and sometimes just can’t.
    Not being able to focus on something else seems to make sense. And then when it’s down it frees up the space it was taking to focus on something else. It’s why I’ve found journaling — when I do – so helpful. For it puts it down. I don’t always remember what I wrote.
    Love light and glitter

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