Use the Space Force, Luke

Pop quiz: Does the fact that Donald J. Trump Jr. openly refers to anyone who opposes Trump as The Resistance(tm, Lucasfilms and Disney) suggest:

  • The Trumps know Democracy is dead
  • And they know they killed it
  • That Lord Dampnut is now an official Sith moniker
  • That Trump is so delusional he will soon order Space Force to raid Mitt Romney’s base on D’Qar
  • All of the above

And, seriously, when do I finally get my backstory reward for growing up in a Red State in the form of force powers? Or maybe just a phaser since I’m totally mixing up my Star Wars and Star Trek references here? (Though mine is not set to “stun” about the impeachment outcome having grown up under a Red State regime already…)


One thought on “Use the Space Force, Luke

  1. I am proud to say I am resistant to most strains of idiocy.

    When I think of the Resistance, I think Terminator 2.

    Starting to like the machines more and more by the day.

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