It Can’t Happen Here?

CW: American eugenics in the time of corona. States announcing they will deny life-saving treatment to corona patients if they have disabilities such as “Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and other such conditions.”

For anyone who has ever said, “it can’t happen here…”

Yes, it can. And it has already (as you will well know if you’ve been reading my blog for years.)

And it is again.

For everyone who has ever thought that it should happen here, please kindly identify yourselves now so I know whom to cough on when I finally get corona.

For everyone else in America, please speak up to your elected officials, advocacy groups and groups like the Autistic Self Advocacy Network and others. This needs to be publicized and cause outrage.

And for everyone else in the world, can someone please just sponsor my Partner, Sibling and I for emigration? Because I wanted out of this fucking immoral hellhole where even blue states practice eugenics yesterday. (I don’t actually have corona, I promise!)

Read the article below. Share a moment of understanding with my 2018 self about why I so often wish that a whole lot of abusive assholes would socially distance themselves about six feet off a three-foot pier.

Explain to me why I should ever want to socially un-distance myself from people again when this is “all over?”

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10 thoughts on “It Can’t Happen Here?

  1. I’m not questioning at all that government would do that, but the reporting on that story seemed a bit iffy. Here’s this woman with Down syndrome, here’s her wonderful story, she died of COVID-19…. but she had a DNR order, so she’s not actually relevant to the main issue.

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    1. Fair point. It’s hard for me to read these types of articles about something that so closely matches my own trauma history as perfectly thoroughly as equally horrible things that are ever-so-slightly less personal. I updated with an additional NPR article as well. In general, NPR is pretty reliable. When I have the emotional bandwidth, I’ll collect more articles and keep fully documenting more sources. Thanks.

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  2. This made me so sad and feel like I can’t breathe. I’m glad we don’t live there. If my sister catches it, I hope and pray she doesn’t for she is too vulnerable, if she lived there she wouldn’t be treated.
    There is nothing to say.

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  3. I am saddened by this, but not surprised. Since for many generations now the powers that be seek to annihilate and destroy all that is seemingly weak and deemed less than or ‘troublesome’. The way I see it: this is exactly why I choose to draw closer to God, and remove more and more from people who don’t get the truth– since I know that He chooses to work through the weak and less thans and that His kingdom economy is so different from this world’s economy. In time the curtain will be drawn back and all who postured themselves on lit stages and got first rights to limited prized posessions will take the back of the line. The meek shall inherit the earth. All hell just has to break loose before that can happen. Sorry to come here and evangelize if that is not welcome. But I believe the hour is late and love compels me to be bolder than prior. ❤️

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