Where’s Whoopsie #26: If Everything isn’t On Fire, I Must Be Missing Something…

I haven’t posted a Where’s Whoopsie in awhile. Apparently without live improv to afford me extensive time on public transit and in coffee shops, I don’t draw much.

My Partner noticed this and suggested I should prioritize doing something “creative” to ward off seasonal – and election and “in the house too often without other outlets for your novelty seeking tendencies” – depression. (He also dragged us both out of the house to go hiking this past weekend because he’s been feeling some of those same gnawing depressive tendencies himself.)

It has been long enough since I last painted something that some of the lids on some of my paints have cracked and completely dried out. Thus, my color palette, at least until I order more, is necessarily constrained for the time being.

You can count these Where’s Whoopsies (one of which is recent and one is from 2019 that I never previously remembered to post) as commentaries on the state of the nation leading up to the election in a couple of weeks. You can count them as continuations of my orange ADHD “awareness” theme from my last post. You can count them as “Halloween themed.” You can count them as commentaries on the state of my personal existence that if things are ever going too smoothly and nothing is actively on fire (other than, of course, the entire state of U.S. government…), my first instinct will always be to assume that I’m simply missing some crisis. Not that there isn’t any crisis to miss.

You can even count them as indications that I may have some mild pyromaniac tendencies of my own (about which I’m responsible enough to have never had any of my own self-care tools have been the cause of any of the many apartment fires we’ve been through. I promise!)

And, if you still want a true post to go with these orange pictures, you can always check out another of my from-the-vault posts that is still immensely relevant today. In 2018, I posted a prior Where’s Whoopsie noting all the many ways that the U.S.’s Orange Fooliest is like a jack-o-lantern (beyond his obvious visual similarities.) I’ve taken the liberty of reposting those reasons from that previous Where’s Whoopsie post below. Because everything old is new again, and I still want credit for being ahead of the humor curve…

Top Ten Ways Trumpkin is like a Pumpkin

  1. Both Trump and a Jack o’ Lantern were forged by a bunch of tools.
  2. Both Trump and a Jack o’ Lantern are hollow and gutless.
  3. Yet, they both somehow manage to remain rigid and inflexible at the same time.
  4. This is probably because both Trump and the Jack o’ Lantern are putting on a show to hide the emptiness inside.
  5. Both Trump and a Jack o’ Lantern are hot-headed and flip their lids easily.
  6. Speaking of “lids,” both are bald even though they are often disguised to look otherwise. (We aren’t fooled by those seedy cover-ups!)
  7. Like Stingy Jack of lore, who inspired Jack o’ Lanterns themselves, Trump is so morally repugnant he’ll willingly deal with the devil himself…
  8. But also like Stingy Jack, Trump’s arrogance far exceeds his intelligence. His attempts to swindle his nefarious foes inevitably only make him lose face instead.
  9. Both Trump’s and the Jack o’ Lantern’s visages adorn far too many buildings without adding much in the way of aesthetic appeal.
  10. Trump, like the Jack o’ Lantern, will be well past his time come November. I’d strongly suggest tossing him – and all similarly themed accessories of his – out as soon as possible (on November 3rd, to be precise!)
<Image Description>: Watercolor of a lighthouse in stormy seas. The sky is orange and red.
<Image Description>: Girl in a tranquil remote area with lavender fields, a waterfall, purple mountains majesty and a cute log cabin. A butterfly tells her to, “Enjoy it while it lasts!” The log cabin has flames peaking out of the window. Caption reads, “Anxiety: Calm down. What could go wrong?”

P.S. – If you live in the U.S., be sure to #MakeAPlan to vote. I voted by mail already, and online tracking has confirmed it has been received and counted!

Need a recap of anything I’m talking about in any post? Check out my Glossary of Terms.


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