The Third of November

Last year, I wrote a poem for our local U.S. election day. It is here. Local elections remain very important, so don’t forget to vote for down-ballot races, as well, as you vote for U.S. President.

But, for all in the U.S., please don’t forget to #MakeAPlanToVote. Election day is November 3rd. Vote. Democracy is at stake!

For the rest of the world, enjoy another U.S. election call to action based on an old U.K. folk verse about a different bit of political upheaval that changed the way a nation viewed itself.

Remember, Remember 

This 3rd of November

The taxes that Trump paid not

I can think of no reason

Why Trump’s SCOTUS decision 

Should ever be forgot 

#LitchMcConnell and his Comrades

Did scheme and contrive

To set women’s rights

Back to before most of us were alive!

Threescore (and more…) cases lay citizens low

(To hide facts, CDC numbers overthrown…)

As each day in the U.S. more covid we catch

Clear dishonest pattern: an election he’ll snatch?

No trick: a country at stake!

(Mail-in voting’s not fake!)

I’ll vote for one

Will you vote, too?

The debates, you see,

Were scary to view!

A rope, a rope, that Trump hung himself with, we hope?

His own boasts to choke him?

His ‘economy’s perfect’ – so why are evictions up and not down?

Will a jolly good fire of social justice burn him?

(Holla to Proud Boys? White supremacist base ploy?!) Despite what he thinks…

(Brawler cops out? This is what he calls ‘law ‘n order’?!) He is not our King!

(And, for that, hip, hooo-r-r-ray!)


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