Blog Awards Series #2: Veteran of the Blog Awards

Back in college, I was an RPG gamer. I didn't actually start with D&D, though. I started with a few more "freeform" type systems where I could create my character with all sorts of attributes that don't fit into the standard D&D class system. I'll be honest, D&D felt kind of limited after having freeform … Continue reading Blog Awards Series #2: Veteran of the Blog Awards


Blog Awards Series #1: The Internet is for Blog Awards

We could alternately title this post "What Do You Do with a Degree in STEM on Not FMLA?" I have never seen Avenue Q. This, in and of itself, is not that unusual, even for someone who likes musicals. I've never seen Hamilton, and that boils down to nothing more than the fact that even … Continue reading Blog Awards Series #1: The Internet is for Blog Awards

Improv #8: Dramatic Irony

*Knock Knock* "Who's there?" "An indecisive person" "An indecisive person who...?" "I have no idea. Who would you like me to be?" I just finished my first level of Improv training advanced enough that we actually get formal feedback from our instructor, who is a member of the main performing troupe for the theater, and … Continue reading Improv #8: Dramatic Irony

*Press It* Mental Health Awareness Blog Share

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I’d like for all my blogging buddies to share the name of their site, and a few of you mental health disorders, in order for others to learn more about you, and mental illness. Goal? To break the stigma that is accompanied by Mental Health. My name is […] … Continue reading *Press It* Mental Health Awareness Blog Share

Improv* #6: A Meetup Group with Social Anxiety Tries to Walk into a Bar…

...The bartender says, "We don't serve folks with social anxiety here." The groups shrugs their shoulders and replies, 'Well, if that diagnosis doesn't work, how about depression, PTSD or ADHD? We've got a few options for what to call ourselves...' The bartender shrugs, "One of those ought to count. Come on in." You probably thought … Continue reading Improv* #6: A Meetup Group with Social Anxiety Tries to Walk into a Bar…

Where’s “Wool”-sie #8: New Yearling, New Ewe

I must confess: I got mutton to say this week. I'm on vacation. I won't even attempt to pull the wool over your eyes that this is one of my photos - though it certainly could be given the backdrop I'm looking at. I'm on vacation. I can't help but want to ram this point … Continue reading Where’s “Wool”-sie #8: New Yearling, New Ewe

Where’s Whoopsie #7: Merry Christmas to All and May You All Be Alright!

Twas the Night Before Christmas and in her flat on tenth floor, Lav claimed indifference to doing her chores. Compression stockings were hung in the bathroom with care . Oh, who are we kidding? They showed wear and tear! The kitty was nestled in laundry unfolded, Knowing her owner hadn't the heart to scold her. … Continue reading Where’s Whoopsie #7: Merry Christmas to All and May You All Be Alright!

*Press It*: A One Word Sentence

"The proposed tax reform package stakes out America’s bid to become the most unequal society in the world, and will greatly increase the already high levels of wealth and income inequality between the richest 1% and the poorest 50% of Americans.  The dramatic cuts in welfare, foreshadowed by the President and Speaker Ryan, and already … Continue reading *Press It*: A One Word Sentence

Blogmas 2017 Christmas Tag

Happy Holidays! This is not a blog award post, per se, but the tag is the closest I can currently conceive to categorize it among similar get-to-know-you type posts. A Christmas tag is naturally limited in time to reply, so I will apologize in advance to one of the bloggers I tagged in this post … Continue reading Blogmas 2017 Christmas Tag

The Religious Wronged (a #metoo story)

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts talking about both the recent spate of sexual harassment/abuse allegations against Hollywood/political officials and how difficult the holidays can be for people with mental health challenges. I feel a little guilty that I’m fortunate enough to be able to opt out of half of the holiday problem. From … Continue reading The Religious Wronged (a #metoo story)