Subway Sociology #9: The Wheels on the Bus Don’t Go Round

All the conditions were right for a repeat of our apartment-hunting bus experience. It had again been raining. We had again accidentally attempted to take a shuttle bus that was replacing regular train service during a major popular event (in this case sportsball instead of a concert) that had filled each shuttle bus to max … Continue reading Subway Sociology #9: The Wheels on the Bus Don’t Go Round


“Passionate” is just another word for S.M.A.R.T.-ass

Just in case you didn’t know, people with chronic illness get “normal people” (aka acute) illness, too. I’ve been fighting a respiratory infection for the past week. Thanks to dysautonomia screwing up my temperature regulation, the 100-degree fever that others in my office got with this bug has randomly oscillated between 96 degrees and 100+ … Continue reading “Passionate” is just another word for S.M.A.R.T.-ass

Membership BADDges: Identifying ADHD in Girls with Co-morbid Anxiety

It's rough being an intelligent girl with ADHD. If such a girl is halfway successful, multiple doctors’ 15-minute default assumptions that she merely has anxiety/depression will too often have been the reason she spent most of her twenties ineffectually medicated with SSRIs – and labeled treatment resistant – instead of receiving the medications that will … Continue reading Membership BADDges: Identifying ADHD in Girls with Co-morbid Anxiety

Improv #1: Levity is a Ladder

Dealing with people is not easy for girls with the hyperactive flavor of ADHD. We miss social cues, we talk over people, we fidget, we can't modulate the volume of our voice, we interrupt. We see the complete picture of how to bring a project together, but can't explain why you should believe us. We … Continue reading Improv #1: Levity is a Ladder

*Press It* What It’s Like to Have ADHD As an Adult

Yes. This. So much this, with a side of RSD.

I work as a statistician, but I once got told I had to stop doing a volunteer job as a registration taker at a charity walk. I got fired from a charity walk position, guys! Talk about embarrassing! (Well, technically I only got fired from that particular job duty. They moved me over to taking care of the financial recording after booting me from registration, and that worked out well for me and them. RSD didn’t care about that distinction, sadly.) I kept not being able to understand the people coming up and giving their names to register. The noise and outdoor heat, combined with the auditory confusion, equaled sensory overload and customer service failure. Math is my friend. Many loud people trying to explain what they need at once? Not so much. I could probably never have survived as a waitress!

Also, did I mention how much I hate open offices? I really, really hate open offices.

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