Messages in a Bottle #19: Trying to Conceive of Time

That same consulting firm that had us do Rivers of Life last month has been offering 'trainings' for my workplace since October. Back in October, they had us 'write a letter to a child under six in our lives' expressing what we wanted for their future. It had a handy Mad Libs style format where … Continue reading Messages in a Bottle #19: Trying to Conceive of Time


Where’s Whoopsie #24: Silver Linings

Silver bells, silver bells'Fore Christmas trip out of city Ring-a-ling (appointment thing) Give a ring (click online - ding!) Book passport walk-in today City centers, government centers With TSA type turnstiles In my mind, there's a feeling I messed up Just keep laughing Renew passport Yes, I'm cutting it dear Silver bells, (Extra bills) Silver bells, (extra … Continue reading Where’s Whoopsie #24: Silver Linings

Improv #8: Dramatic Irony

*Knock Knock* "Who's there?" "An indecisive person" "An indecisive person who...?" "I have no idea. Who would you like me to be?" I just finished my first level of Improv training advanced enough that we actually get formal feedback from our instructor, who is a member of the main performing troupe for the theater, and … Continue reading Improv #8: Dramatic Irony