Balanced Scorecard

As told by Eckhart Tolle, a Buddhist master named Ram Dass once stated, "If you think you are enlightened, go and spend a week with your parents." I'll be honest, I wasn't super enthused with Eckhart Tolle's books in general, but I did like that quote. It appears to be a common enough occurrence that … Continue reading Balanced Scorecard


Absent without (Family Medical) Leave

I know the DSM-V no longer includes the term "nervous breakdown" anymore. I'm fairly confident even if it did include it, since the origins of my panic attacks, crying, dissociation, and depression are quite well known, I'd still just end up labeled with the "dissociative subtype" of PTSD (aka the compromise that is supposed to … Continue reading Absent without (Family Medical) Leave

RE: Your Brains

CW: Indirect descriptions of PTSD symptoms, the aftermath of trauma, and workplace bullying. Have you ever wondered what a zombie with an office job would look like? If you've heard Jonathan Coulton's excellent "RE: Your Brains," you don't have to ask. If you haven't, I do suggest you listen to it eventually, but there's no … Continue reading RE: Your Brains

Cheez Whiz for Brains

*CW: oblique references to intense subject matter, but without details. The human brain - especially the ADHD brain - has a way of latching on to the most inane of details. It dutifully encodes what the original package writing was on the box of records carried into the courtroom itself. It encodes the original sticker … Continue reading Cheez Whiz for Brains

Where’s Whoopsie #10: Fireworks

When putting out metaphorical fires, it’s generally a good idea not to add any literal ones into the mix. I didn’t this past week, but it was a nearer miss than I would have preferred. I spent most of my twenties self-medicating my ADHD with coffee. My grad advisor used to text me before conference … Continue reading Where’s Whoopsie #10: Fireworks