Heavy Subject Matter (Pt. 2: Physically Heavy)

Warning: heavy material ahead. No, not a content warning. (If you want that, see Pt. 1). Though, I suppose the book has some of that in its characters' backstory. I literally mean heavy subjects ahead. For anyone who is super adept at remembering my life: Why? It's not that interesting? Can you please teach me … Continue reading Heavy Subject Matter (Pt. 2: Physically Heavy)


War and Piecemeal Memory

Have you ever lied about reading War and Peace? Me neither. At least, I don't think I have ever lied about reading it. I mean, it's not like I'd remember, or anyone could tell the difference between my lying about having read it or my actually reading it. I have read it. I just unfortunately … Continue reading War and Piecemeal Memory

Improv* #6: A Meetup Group with Social Anxiety Tries to Walk into a Bar…

...The bartender says, "We don't serve folks with social anxiety here." The groups shrugs their shoulders and replies, 'Well, if that diagnosis doesn't work, how about depression, PTSD or ADHD? We've got a few options for what to call ourselves...' The bartender shrugs, "One of those ought to count. Come on in." You probably thought … Continue reading Improv* #6: A Meetup Group with Social Anxiety Tries to Walk into a Bar…

Where’s Whoopsie #6: Personal Branding

It’s a Christmas miracle, everyone. I finished a coloring book page and made no mistakes. Zero, zip, zilch, nada. I’m still in shock, and I’m not sure I expect this to happen again. After I realized this, I was suddenly faced with the question of what do I do with that page? I thought I’d be … Continue reading Where’s Whoopsie #6: Personal Branding

Liebster Awards

I talked in a recent blog post about how I have been able to deal with a family crisis (read: a new flavor of an old 3h!7 sandwich) this past month while still maintaining my career, Improv class, and general head-above-water appearance. I may have slightly exaggerated that in one capacity: I have been terrible … Continue reading Liebster Awards