Top Ten Things I Hate About Top Ten Posts

I went away to a place that was not the 9th Circle of Hell this past long weekend with my partner. It was just a long-weekend getaway, and – given that my Partner had literally been to Hell the week before – it doesn’t quite imply everything is fine. However, it was enough of a mental reset for me that I don’t want to think or write about that other place if I can avoid it for a week.

I wasn’t sure at first what else to write about. The 9th Circle of Hell and the soon-to-be-introduced-on-my-blog replacement for the Bedbug Motel still occupy entirely too much of my brain space. It was harder at first to not think of the 9th Circle of Hell than even to not think of an elephant. Until suddenly, I realized…

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I’m Officially Old!

I am reasonably tech savvy. I code for a living. I don’t always have the latest generation phone or cool gadget, because money doesn’t grow on trees, but I usually know how to use it. There are five computers, four tablets/e-readers, and two smartphones in our household of two people + one cat.

I’m reasonably tech savvy, but, apparently, I’m not at all social media savvy. I refuse to use Snapchat or Instagram, claiming the “I’m in my thirties and that’s too much work” privilege, but I thought I was doing this whole blog thing reasonably correctly.

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