Messages in a Bottle #4: Cold Lang Syne

Today's winter storm event - Winter Storm Liam - is turning out to be a non-event for my area. There are two more potential snowmakers behind it, per my favorite bedtime story,  aka The Weather Channel. Maybe those will live up to the hype that Liam didn't. The blizzard we ran into in Iceland in the final installment … Continue reading Messages in a Bottle #4: Cold Lang Syne


Where’s “Wool”-sie #8: New Yearling, New Ewe

I must confess: I got mutton to say this week. I'm on vacation. I won't even attempt to pull the wool over your eyes that this is one of my photos - though it certainly could be given the backdrop I'm looking at. I'm on vacation. I can't help but want to ram this point … Continue reading Where’s “Wool”-sie #8: New Yearling, New Ewe