Orange You Glad I Reminded You?

There's no knock-knock joke here. Orange is the most common awareness ribbon color for ADHD Awareness Month. ADHD Awareness Month being in October is about the only 'awareness' anything that I can ever remain even vaguely aware of. Because there are entirely too many awareness months - and colors, and ribbons! - and my brain … Continue reading Orange You Glad I Reminded You?


Déjà Voodoo

Update: I also posted this in the comments, but then I remembered that smarter folks than I often skip the comments. The author of the original blog post that inspired this one contacted me. She has taken it down and apologized. She also seemed like she was still beating herself up over it even after … Continue reading Déjà Voodoo

Eye Rate

Ehlers-Danlos is a systemic disorder. That clearly means it can affect any part of our body that either has collagen or relies on collagen. This is rather unfortunate, given that about 30% of the raw protein content in our bodies is made up of collagen. Collagen is in everything: our stomachs, our skin, our ligaments, … Continue reading Eye Rate

Data Minding

I first intended to post about the fact that statistical algorithms can pick out individuals with various mental health diagnoses from the type of language they use on social media last November, but I lost my hyperfocus on the topic almost immediately after I read the original media blurb about a new study. I also … Continue reading Data Minding

Messages in a Bottle #1: Ghosts of Christmas Past

Journaling just for myself has never felt like self-care. The bully-in-my-brain sees it as indulgent and self-justifying, and it has never felt satisfying to write anything creative that only my eyes would see. Plus, I find ways to hate anything creative that I write. I’m a much harsher critic than the Internet. I gave up … Continue reading Messages in a Bottle #1: Ghosts of Christmas Past

Membership BADDges: Identifying ADHD in Girls with Co-morbid Anxiety

It's rough being an intelligent girl with ADHD. If such a girl is halfway successful, multiple doctors’ 15-minute default assumptions that she merely has anxiety/depression will too often have been the reason she spent most of her twenties ineffectually medicated with SSRIs – and labeled treatment resistant – instead of receiving the medications that will … Continue reading Membership BADDges: Identifying ADHD in Girls with Co-morbid Anxiety

Wheres’s Whoopsie #3/Improv #2: The Empty Canvas is Already Whoopsied

I have an approach/avoidance relationship to mindfulness. Creating an intentionally mindful state is a battle, but hyperfocus, which comes naturally, has trance-like qualities. The more upsetting recent events have been, the more I have hyperfocused on my labyrinthine coloring book. Can I call it mindful meditation that I completed two posts worth of Where's Whoopsies … Continue reading Wheres’s Whoopsie #3/Improv #2: The Empty Canvas is Already Whoopsied

Improv #1: Levity is a Ladder

Dealing with people is not easy for girls with the hyperactive flavor of ADHD. We miss social cues, we talk over people, we fidget, we can't modulate the volume of our voice, we interrupt. We see the complete picture of how to bring a project together, but can't explain why you should believe us. We … Continue reading Improv #1: Levity is a Ladder

POTSies Against Nazis

I have a colorful new diagnosis. (I also have gastritis, probably as a result of being allergic to everything.) I'm not inflammatory (IBD), but I'm pretty salty. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) is a type of dysautonomia officially characterized by a heart rate increase of at least thirty bpm upon standing. This tachycardia is often associated with a … Continue reading POTSies Against Nazis

Entrepreneurial Hyperfocus’s Mirror Image

Silicon Valley seems to have a bizarre love/hate relationship with ADHD. On the one hand, it celebrates many of the ADHD quirks. I've been to more meetings inspired by Ted Talks, Malcolm Gladwell or some other Silicon Valley golden child in my own organization in the past two years than I can count. Seeing pipe … Continue reading Entrepreneurial Hyperfocus’s Mirror Image