Orange You Glad I Reminded You?

There's no knock-knock joke here. Orange is the most common awareness ribbon color for ADHD Awareness Month. ADHD Awareness Month being in October is about the only 'awareness' anything that I can ever remain even vaguely aware of. Because there are entirely too many awareness months - and colors, and ribbons! - and my brain … Continue reading Orange You Glad I Reminded You?


Improv #11: I’m Mrs. Bright Blogs

*Knock knock* "Who's there?" "The Bright Side" "The Bright Side Who?" "The Bright Side Who Doesn't Actually Exist" "Oh. Then I guess this is just another dissociative conversation with the bully-in-my-brain, then?" "You catch on not quickly at all, don't you? Also, your joke sucks." I'm fairly sure the first rule of building a blog … Continue reading Improv #11: I’m Mrs. Bright Blogs