Remote Control

If a bully-of-a-boss screams in an office, and there is no Lavender around to hear it, can he still control her amygdalar fear response? We're about to find out. I am now a 100% remote employee?! I've spent my not-FMLA completing a crash course in processing a lifetime of trauma alongside dealing with the concurrent 9th … Continue reading Remote Control


Heavy Subject Matter (Pt. 1: Mentally Heavy)

CW: This title was meant to be humorous, but what I wrote initially didn't end up humorous. The title became both a play on words and not one simultaneously. I did what I did the last time I tried to write about one thing but ended up writing about another. I split the post. The … Continue reading Heavy Subject Matter (Pt. 1: Mentally Heavy)

Lack of Selfiesteem

I love winter because I can plausibly claim scarves as a fashion accessory. I don't have to face the overwhelm that is shopping with ADHD or planning coherent outfits in the morning with low blood pressure. I can wear seemingly infinite permutations of plain black or brown work pants, button-down blouses and vaguely stylish scarves … Continue reading Lack of Selfiesteem

Improv #5: Meta-Analysis

This post was supposed to be about physicality in Improv. It was also supposed to be titled The Body Keeps the Score. It is neither of those things because it turns out even a girl with ADHD can't truly have an original thought. My brain can't stay inside the box, but it certainly can stay … Continue reading Improv #5: Meta-Analysis

Rejecting My Diagnoses: Am I Really a Spoonie?

I have ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety. I also have chronic migraines, IBS, food allergies, and I've been getting poked and prodded more than normal recently because my physical symptoms may or may not have changed in a way that warrants an additional diagnosis (we shall see). Thinking too hard about myself as a "spoonie" - … Continue reading Rejecting My Diagnoses: Am I Really a Spoonie?