About Lavender and Levity

Ever heard of rejection therapy? This blog is rejection therapy in written form. One girl (me, aka Lavender) attempting to overcome her deeply painful response to negative feedback by info-dumping her innermost anxieties for strangers to commiserate. I post about once a week-ish when I have the mental and physical capacity. Autistic burnout is a real thing. Typing hurts my zebra hands. And, the world is occasionally just overwhelming.

This blog is a light-hearted attempt to learn to laugh at myself, hence the levity in Lavender and Levity, but it does discuss mental health, chronic illness, trauma, neurodiversity, disabilities, social justice and other potentially sensitive topics. It is also full of geek references and my own special interests. I’m in a generally good place, but want to build the emotional fortitude to be in a better one.  My first year blogging alone took me from prematurely proclaiming that I was in a good place to knocking me as far down as I’ve been in years to everything in between. Life is a wild ride, even more so for those who are neurodiverse or have trauma histories and/or mental or physical health challenges. I will slightly amend my original confident claim to say that I may or may not be in a “good place” at any given time that I am writing, but I haven’t stopped fighting to be in a better one no matter what else happens.

Help me do so, enjoy the ride, keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times and be (mostly) nice to me and each other while you are here. There’s a big difference between constructive engagement with those of differing opinions and feeding the trolls. I will moderate comments if ever needed to ensure that basic respect and safety is maintained. Thanks to my readers, though, for not yet making me enforce that claim. You all are awesome!