Social Eye-solation

Lavender: "Okay, much as I like your hair longer, I feel sympathetic pain. Split ends suck. My hair is crunchy. If your hair is also crunchy, you are allowed to cut it." Partner: "No. I mean, I don't think it is? I can't tell. Maybe I just don't know what to look for? You could … Continue reading Social Eye-solation

ACE in the Hole

CW: Discussions of childhood ACES. Mentions of alcohol use and verbal abuse during childhood. Read safely! Partner (on phone): "'Always,' 'Never,' 'I don't know how to answer that. It was 'Always' when we still lived there, but 'Never' now because we have public transportation? Well, okay, not 'Never.' Public transportation isn't perfect out here, and … Continue reading ACE in the Hole

Compassion is Not a Zero-Sum Game

CW: Descriptions of multiple types of systemic abuse and personal crises. Be safe while reading! The Poor People's Mass Assembly and Moral March on Washington is happening today. It has been planned for two years to draw attention to the plight of the poor and of systemic racism in the U.S. I wish I had … Continue reading Compassion is Not a Zero-Sum Game

Improv #22/Where’s Whoopsie #25: Middling Management

"If-then statements: 'If we do X, then Y not?" "Bread Metaphor --> 'engage the clients in the discussion'" What does this even mean? I have absolutely no idea! These are actual notes I took about some meeting recently. I give it even odds whether it was work or improv, though, as I've seen a couple … Continue reading Improv #22/Where’s Whoopsie #25: Middling Management

Brevity is the Soul of Apathetically #7: Netflix and ADHD Pills

The rest of America has mostly re-opened, so I will claim I'm posting these because pretty soon people are going to be really sick of reading about quarantine even on the East Coast. Why waste what I put in the "massive" effort to write (er, well, "write down")?! But, let's be real here: a) we … Continue reading Brevity is the Soul of Apathetically #7: Netflix and ADHD Pills

Do We Really Need to Put a Label on Things?

Useful Background Knowledge: As of the time of this writing, our county has more confirmed covid-19 cases than over two-thirds of all U.S. states.*We don't own a car. This makes "avoiding public transportation or ride-share services" challenging. Our "primary medical provider" is one of those commuter rail trips we are supposed to avoid if we … Continue reading Do We Really Need to Put a Label on Things?

It Can’t Happen Here?

CW: American eugenics in the time of corona. States announcing they will deny life-saving treatment to corona patients if they have disabilities such as "Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and other such conditions." For anyone who has ever said, "it can't happen here..." Yes, it can. And it has already (as you will well know … Continue reading It Can’t Happen Here?

Real Pandemics Have Curves

CW: Present-day mentions of covid-19 that are in line with the dark humor I have previously established when discussing the 9th Circle of Hell, but that hopefully take the situation appropriately seriously and respectfully. My Partner and I fully support efforts in the past 24-48 hours to responsibly #FlattenTheCurve. Discussions of counterfactual scenarios the U.S. … Continue reading Real Pandemics Have Curves

Meteorological Misanthropy #5: Pop Goes the Explosions?

I'm cheating a little with this particular Meteorological Misanthropy because I'm not talking about any real explosions. I'm not even talking about any real fires. (Other than the fire sale on Wall Street, I guess!?) Heck, I'm not even talking about any real lightning. I'm talking about CGI lightning. Very unrealistic CGI lightning at that. … Continue reading Meteorological Misanthropy #5: Pop Goes the Explosions?

Brevity is the Soul of Apathetically (aka “Let it Go…”)

I once wrote a post explaining a meditation technique that my Partner taught me that clocked in at almost 2,500 words. When my Partner learned this - and that I had roughly half of a follow-up post already written just from things I never ended up including in the original post - he suggested that … Continue reading Brevity is the Soul of Apathetically (aka “Let it Go…”)