Remember, Remember…

1) To vote today in your local elections if you are in the U.S.

2) That I exist. A combination of the Internet modem we thought was finally working failing again, getting sick/stuck in a flare for several weeks and then going out of town all contrived to make posting difficult again. Ugh.

But, have a brief phone-post poem for the American election day inspired by a British rhyme. Because doing your civic duty in elections where voter turnout is typically 30% or less can have a much bigger proportional impact on the overall rhetoric than voting in next year’s national election. (Also because I feel like it.)

Remember, remember this 5th of November

There’s more than POTUS’s treason to stop.

2019’s voting season

Still should not ever be forgot!

Local Trumpets go pandering

For their base to arrive.

If you don’t vote now for fair treatment,

Bigotry and hatred survive.

Elections aren’t quite the same big show

Of an impeachment toe-to-toe…

But they clue in our leaders what values to catch.

And toughen Democracy for its coming Constitutional match.

Our country’s at stake,

So please do not wait!

Vote now in this one –

And in 2020, too!


8 thoughts on “Remember, Remember…

  1. So the Internet is all sorted and hunky dory now? I’m sorry you’ve had such hassles with it and then the flare, too. Sounds like some tough times. I love your piece on voting. Although I’m in the UK, I do keep up a little with the events over there. We’re also having a general election in our country now, a surprise one in December. Let’s make our voices heard because every vote counts!
    Caz xx

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    1. Hopefully? Maybe replacement modem #3 will be the charm? I obviously have internet on my phone, but typing on it hurts. And, I have it work, but that sort of defeats the “anonymous” bit. So…home desktop it is. And, too often, “it is” has been “it isn’t.” Ugh. Cross your fingers?

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  2. Tbh I never understood why voting isn’t mandatory in the USA. It’s mandatory here and everyone is given a day off to vote. Essential services don’t stop, but employers are expected to give staff time off in order for them to go vote. I also had the experience of manning a polling station as I was working for the government.

    I’ve been reading up on the obstacles people in the USA face that prevent them from voting. It’s incredibly important that everyone gets to exercise their civil rights!

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