Seeking Asylum in Faerun

11/7 Update: I formally welcome Pennsylvania back into New JersMaPennsRicutaware. Thank you. That is all! (For now!)

My husband’s first cousin – one of the ones we just don’t speak to – got covid recently. He’s younger than us, and he worked in a physically demanding job and was proud of the physical condition he was in. He ended up in the hospital after his oxygen levels crashed anyway. He was initially sent home because the three most local hospitals were at capacity, and he wasn’t considered “bad enough” at that time to require admission. He proceeded to continue to decline. They then “admitted him” to a hospital further away. Meaning that he initially sat in an ER receiving oxygen supports for almost another full day while they waited for a bed to open.

He is one of the “lucky” ones. He was sent home yesterday. He won’t be a casualty of covid-19. Yet, he will still be on home oxygen for the foreseeable future, and he seems unlikely to be able to return to his old work after his bout with covid. He caught covid-19 at work, where his boss threw a party because he could. Several dozen workplace employees – including that boss – became ill. More than one ended up hospitalized with it.

And, yet, that idiot still supports Trump. That idiot’s wife still supports Trump. That idiot’s mom and dad – my Partner’s aunt and ex-uncle** – still support Trump. The only reason that idiot may not have voted for him yesterday is because he didn’t do mail-in ballot (because, duh, Trump supporter.) And, it’s unclear if he was physically able to even vote after his hospital release.

His family sent texts around that “Jesus” personally saved his lungs. Because he was one of the ones who deserved Jesus healing his lungs. That cousin is now the third (that we know about) across both sides of my Partner’s family trees to end up hospitalized with covid-19. The first two were slightly older – though still not old enough to be considered “high risk” – and they ended up in the ICU. They also both survived, though with extensive complications. They also both believe they survived because Jesus chose them out of the millions of Americans who have caught covid-19 as most deserving. Jesus heals those who deserve it. Trump heals the rest. Those other 240,000ish Americans? They just weren’t worthy.

I have no idea, given those kinds of beliefs, how they rationalize that both my Partner and I caught it and never even required hospitalization. I don’t honestly care to learn how they rationalize that we heathens were fine, while my Partner’s first cousin the “true believer” is likely a covid long-hauler now. Because that would require talking to them again. I guess Jesus just loved us the most of all of his family? Oh, wait, never mind. My Partner explained this to me once. If you are successful and you’re a believer, it’s because God is giving you your just rewards. If you are unsuccessful and you’re a believer, it’s because the Devil is acting against you as a mighty opponent. However, if you are successful and you are an unbeliever it’s because the Devil is so convinced he’s got your soul already he doesn’t have to tempt you. If you are unsuccessful and an unbeliever, it’s because God is punishing you.

The 9th Circle of Hell voted for Trump. My Partner’s home state voted for Trump. (Pundits said my Partner’s home state was in play, but he never actually believed it.) Our state voted for Biden. The sane states around us voted for Biden. But, it’s probably time to vote Pennsylvania out of New JersMaPennsRicutaware. New Jersriamcutaware is easier to pronounce anyway! 

I am shocked – but not surprised – by Trump’s authoritarian speech calling to stop counting legal ballots. I want to abolish the Electoral College.

I don’t know exactly what else to say from now until our broken Supreme Court finally resolves this. So, I probably won’t say anything more for now.

Well, other than to say to check back on this blog this weekend for my honest review of the use of psychoactive adult recreational substances + D&D with Progressive friends who also wanted to forcibly prevent themselves from checking the news constantly as coping strategies for election night anxieties. (Spoiler alert: the adult psychoactive recreational substances don’t seem to affect me much. The D&D was surprisingly helpful! In Faerun, at least, you get to punch the cultists…)

And, if this goes poorly (more poorly?!), I wonder if Faerun will start accepting expatriates?

Definitely how I feel about politics of late.
My mood today: <image> “My tolerance for idiots is extremely low today. I used to have some immunity built up, but obviously there is a new strain out there.”

**Also, what do you all call a man who is the second ex husband of one’s biological aunt? Because he is no longer married to my Partner’s aunt, my Partner calls him his ‘ex uncle.’ (He also notes the guy was an abusive arsehole to his aunt. So, he is perfectly happy to vote him out of the family. But, his kids still have a good relationship with their dad, so he’s still “around” in ways that make no sense to either of us. Hence the need for something to call him. What do you all called divorced former extended family you don’t like?)

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10 thoughts on “Seeking Asylum in Faerun

  1. Don Jr. tweeted a dumbass map that marked Antarctica as voting Trump. Maybe a fast trick system to emigrate will be set up. Trump-voting penguins and freezing one’s ass off would still be more pleasant than 4 more years of Trump on this continent.

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    1. I love being cold! Cold forever! I could do Antarctica. Antarctica wouldn’t be bad. Hell, with climate change, it can get quite balmy there now. Up to seventy degrees sometimes. And, it’s often above freezing now. So, basically the temperatures of an upstate Northeast in a blizzard. I could live with that. A lot more than I could live with four more years of Trump.

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  2. Bravo to you! You are so brave to write your feelings about these things.
    I’m 100% with you!
    I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am SHOCKED, but how many votes HE has gotten.
    He simply cannot force the end of counting the votes before they are ALL counted.
    it’s unconstitutional. Of course, HE thinks he’s above the constitution.
    No wonder since he seems to be immune from the laws we are all held accountable to.
    If I didn’t take care of my taxes, I assure you I’d be in a whole mess of trouble.
    But I digress.
    Certain Christians (I’m not one) do believe exactly what your husband said….and his relatives show….luckily there are others who aren’t so bad. I just don’t know many.
    I just wish HE would have had a much worse case of Covid-19, but he had a lot of treatments the lay person can’t get! I wonder how many people wanted him to die from it?
    Of course those people think he has been blessed. If anything he is the devil and leading them all astray.

    What to call that Ex-step uncle…just call him by his name, he shouldn’t be given a family title.

    Chosen family is much more important anyway.
    *sorry about the soap box

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